Cavs Dominate Warriors And Force A Game 7


LeBron JamesThe Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the Golden State Warriors all night long, clinching a victory that forces what’s sure to be an entertaining game 7. For the second game in a row, LeBron James racked up 41 points to help bail the Cavs out from the threat of elimination. With James and Kyrie Irving heading the charge, the Cavs took the lead out of the gate and never let it up.

Steph Curry was fierce and determined, but it wasn’t enough. He ended up scoring 30 points, then fouled out in the last six minutes of the game. Immediately after fouling out, a frustrated Curry threw his mouthpiece, hitting a fan, and was ejected from the game. Let’s hope the fan held onto the mouthguard, as it’s probably worth a pretty penny. This was the first time Curry has fouled out since December 2013. Cleveland 115, Golden State 101

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