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Steph Curry’s Advice To Riley, Clayton Kershaw Strikes Again


Stephen CurryFor all the Warriors fans (me included), hearing Steph Curry talk about his conversation with his daughter Riley after losing the NBA Championship, was a class act. He told Riley how disappointed he was but “it was a moment to appreciate all the good things that have happened along the way on and off the court.” He continued saying, “you can still win at life”.


Pitcher Clayton Kershaw did it again. The Los Angeles Dodgers are 14-1 when Kershaw pitches. In a big win over the Washington Nationals (4-1), Kershaw struck out 8 batters in 7 innings in the midst of a brutal heat wave in Southern California. Thankfully they weren’t playing a day game as the the evening started out at 96 degrees and didn’t cool down until the sun went down.

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