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Andrew Luck Biggest Contract In NFL History, Human Body Parts In Rio


Andrew LuckThe Indianapolis Colts signed QB Andrew Luck to the biggest contract in NFL history. He will get $140 million over 6 years with a whopping $87 million guaranteed. The largest amount previously guaranteed was $65 million to the NY Giants’ QB Eli Manning and the San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers. Luck was the #1 pick in 2012 out of Stanford University.  Luck led the Colts to the playoffs in his first three seasons with the team but suffered from injuries in 2015. Colts’ owner, Jim Irsay doesn’t seem concerned with his future health. He said, “I’ve never seen him more motivated to having a great season in terms of taking care of himself and just working out.”


News just keeps getting worse coming out of Rio De Janeiro, the site of the Olympics. On Wednesday, human body parts washed up on a beach close to where Olympic volleyball will take place. In addition to concerns about pollution and the Zika virus, now Olympic athletes and fans have to deal with concern over drug traffickers and violent crimes.

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