Brady Gears Up To Appeal Suspension


Tom BradyIt’s not really about deflated footballs anymore. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is gearing up to appeal his four game suspension to the highest court in the nation.

“Deflategate” has been going on for 17 long months, but it’s still not quite over. For a quick recap- the Patriots were accused of deflating game balls before the AFC Championship game last January. Brady was suspended for four games. He appealed and the case slowly made its way through the court system. Most recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the NFL’s suspension of Brady, calling the evidence against him “compelling.” Now his only chance to play every game of the 2016 season is to get the Supreme Court to hear his case. This would, at the very least, postpone his suspension another year.

Whether or not the Supreme Court will actually hear the case is another matter. The case won’t really be about whether or not Brady is guilty, but how his punishment and appeal were handled by the NFL. Brady’s lawyer will argue that the NFL piled on additional charges against Brady when he went to appeal his suspension, effectively creating a moving target. But for the Supreme Court to hear the case, he must convince them this sets a dangerous precedent for the arbitration process and threatens unionized workers all across America.

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