Cheers For Lebron On Christmas Day Return To Miami, Aaron Rodgers Gives O-line TV’s


Lebron JamesThe Miami Heat fans and teammates gave former Heat Lebron James a cheerful welcome home in their  Christmas Day game against Lebron’s new team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. There was a big question prior to the game whether the fans would cheer or boo Lebron for leaving them as a free agent to go to the Cavs. Lebron helped the Heat to back to back titles and four Finals appearances. The fans still seem to appreciate him but unfortunately for Lebron and the Cavs they couldn’t pull out the win and the Heat defeated the Cavs 101-91.



Aaron RodgersA good quarterback recognizes the importance of his offensive line. This was apparent in Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ Christmas gift to his guys. Each offensive lineman received a 55″ Samsung television. His backup QB’s also received the TV. Let’s see how much harder these guys work for Rodgers on Sunday against the Detroit Lions.


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