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Cavs Winning Again, Vegas Point Spread High In 49ers Matchup, Cam Newton’s Car Accident


In the NBA, when LeBron James decided to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers, expectations for them to make it to the championship and even win it were sky high.  Then they struggled mightily to start the season, and everyone thought it was a failed experiment.  Looks like we spoke to soon.  Tuesday night, the Cavs took on the top seeded Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors made a lot of noise, but LeBron and the Cavs rallied back to beat them and grab their 8th win in a row.  The Cavs are now starting to look like the team to beat again.  Watch out.  Cleveland 105, Toronto 101.


In the NFL, the 49ers season has spiraled out of control, hitting a huge low as they lost to their crosstown rivals:  the Oakland Raiders, a team that was blown out by more than 40 points the week prior.  Now, the 49ers face their highest point spread in the Jim Harbaugh era, as Vegas bookmakers have them as a 10 point underdog when they travel to Seattle next week.  Vegas even put a $30,000 bet limit on Seattle.  Seattle hates the 49ers, and it’s likely that, if possible, they will try to run up the score as much as possible.  This could get ugly.

Cam NewtonIn some sad NFL news, Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers’ quarterback, suffered two back fractures after a car accident Tuesday afternoon.  According to his motorcycle accident lawyer, Cam was heading to the stadium to study game film on his day off when the crash happened. The Panthers are unsure when Cam will be back in action. For such cases in which there are injuries due to an accident, car accident lawyer in Austin area is the best who can help with the legal procedures for claiming insurance for paying medical bills, etc. Have a look at how legal experts have dealt with 5 Serious Car Accidents Injuries And The Risks that come with it.

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