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No TD’s In Thursday Night Football, Cavs First Test, Kobe’s Cursing


In the NFL, it was Thursday Night Football between the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams.  The Cardinals needed the win to clinch a playoff spot.  This wasn’t exactly a fun game to watch.  The Rams offense looked awful, and the Cardinals lost yet another starting QB to injury.  Drew Stanton went down and was replaced by Ryan Lindley.  In the end, the Cardinals defense held the Rams from doing anything.  There were no touchdowns scored in this game, and with the win, the Cardinals now sit atop the NFC, while the Rams are officially ousted from the playoffs.  Arizona 12, St. Louis 6.


And in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers had their first big Western conference test of the season as they took on the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Unfortunately, they were without LeBron Jams, but they held their own.  In the end, Russell Westrook, Kevin Durant and the Thunder took the win, but the Cavs look like they can hang out with some tough Western Conference teams.  OKC 103, Cleveland 94.

Kobe BryantFinally, in the NBA, a Los Angeles Lakers practice was caught on tape, featuring Kobe Bryant cursing repeatedly at his teammates — calling them soft like “m______F_____ Charmin”.  Clearly Bryant doesn’t think much of his current squad.  In the video, he says it’s no wonder they lost 20 games.  When questioned about this, Kobe simply said that he likes to push his teammates.  Kobe has never been known for being the most likable teammate, but he is a 5-time champion, so perhaps his team should consider listening.

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