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Patriots Relaxed In San Diego, Colts Hold On To Beat Browns, 49ers Embarrassing Loss To Raiders, Rams Shutout, Final Four Announced In Football Championship


Tom BradyIn the Sunday night game, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots looked relaxed and ready to play the San Diego Chargers after spending the week in San Diego in order to cut down on late season travel. Patriots 23, Chargers 14.

The Indianapolis Colts, the highest scoring team in football because of QB Andrew Luck, had a tough start to the day but held on to beat the Cleveland Browns in an exciting final 2 minutes. With a clutch pass interception call, Luck pulled it together and threw for his 4th career go-ahead passing touchdown in the final minutes of the game to hold on for a 25, 24 win. And, no Johnny Manziel did not play. QB, Brian Hoyer was back in the game.

Jim Harbaugh.JPGIn one of the most surprising games of the day, the San Francisco 49ers lost to their crosstown rivals, the Oakland Raiders.  This is only the second win for the Raiders this season. As embarrassing as that is for the 49ers, they are also in danger of not making the playoffs for the first time in coach Jim Harbaugh’s tenure with the team. Expect to see even more chatter about Harbaugh not staying with the team for the final year of his contract. There is speculation that Harbaugh might accept a job with as the Oakland Raiders’ head coach. And to add to the gossip, Harbaugh was even seen before the game chatting away with the Raiders’ owner Mark Davis.  Raiders 24, 49ers 13.

Finally, the St. Louis Rams are on a roll. They demolished the Washington Redskins 24-0 for their second consecutive shutout.

In college football news the top four teams in the first ever College Football Playoffs have been announced. And, the final four are: Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon and Florida State.

#2 Oregon will take on #3 Florida State. at the Rose Bowl Jan. 1st 4:30 pm  then immediately following that game at 8:30 pm #1 Alabama will play #4 Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. The winners will face off at the College Football National Championship on January 12th at 8:30 pm.


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