Rajon Rondo Rumors True, Mumps In Hockey, Harbaugh Mulls Move To Michigan Or Raiders


Rajon RondoThe rumors of the Boston Celtics trade of Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks appear to be true.  The deal would bring Brandon Wright, Jameer Nelson, serviceable bench player Jae Crowder and a future 1st and 2nd round pick to the Celtics.  This essentially gives the Celtics some good money bargains and some draft picks, while the Mavericks would instantly become a serious contender.  This is an exciting year in the NBA, and this trade only makes it better.


There is a weird fluke mumps epidemic right now.  Apparently, a lot of the players that are suffering from the mumps stayed at a specific DoubleTree hotel.  It even sidelined arguably the face of hockey Sidney Crosby.  But on Thursday, Crosby returned from his illness to take on the Avalanche.  And with Pittsburgh Penguins having a lackluster season (i.e. if the playoffs started today, they wouldn’t make it), the Penguins desperately needed him back.


Jim HarbaughFinally, in college football, serious rumors are surrounding current 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan.  Apparently, Michigan has offered Harbaugh $8million per year to run their program.  And considering that the 49ers brass may not want Harbaugh back next year, especially after the team fell apart this season, he may have to explore this offer.  Then again, Harbaugh has already won at the collegiate level, and he wants to prove he can win the big one in the pros.  It is also rumored that the Oakland Raiders are very interested in Harbaugh, and even might consider a move back to LA.  That is also an intriguing offer that Harbaugh may have to mull.  This could get very interesting.

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