Saints Jump Ahead Of Bears In MNF, Stephenson On Trading Block, Andrew Luck’s Niceness Routine


In the NFL, it was Monday Night Football between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears.  Both of these teams aren’t looking so great, but the difference is that the Saints are actually fighting for a playoff spot — and a home game at that.  So they came ready to play.  People were expecting an offensive shootout, but only the Saints were doing the shooting.  They jumped out to a 21-0 lead and never looked back.  The Bears got some garbage time points, but their team is truly ugly and uninspired.  They need to make some serious changes in the off-season.  The Saints are now tied with Carolina for the playoff spot.  New Orleans 31, Chicago 15.


In the NBA, LeBron James and Cleveland just keep on rolling.  They actually jumped out to a 21-0 lead on the Charlotte Hornets.  But while the Cavs are on fire, the Hornets are the complete opposite.  In fact, they are getting so bad, that they are even putting their big free agent signing, Lance Stephenson, on the trading block.  Apparently, he is just as much of the head case that people thought he was a year ago, and now the Hornets don’t want anything to do with him.  The problem is, not many other NBA teams do either.  He’s not good enough to merit the money or the stress.  Expect the Hornets to make some major changes.  Cleveland 97, Charlotte 88.


Andrew LuckFinally, in some humorous NFL news, Indianapolis Colts’ QB Andrew Luck is clearly a rising superstar, but he may have some tricks up his sleeve that have never been used before.  According to other players, Andrew Luck has a “Kindness” routine to confuse opposing defenses.  When a defense sacks him hard, Luck just gets up and, instead of being mad, he gives them a compliment, saying things like, “Good job, man”.  Well this gets in the defensive players head, and it may even make them try not to hit him as hard. It’s an interesting and unique strategy he’s employing, and that might be why the Colts could find themselves in the Super Bowl this year.

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