Mariota Wins Heisman, Bills Hurt Packers’ Destiny, Johnny Football Atrocious, Cowboys Avenge Loss


Marcus MariotaIn college football, it was time to present the Heisman Trophy.  This year, there were only 3 candidates:  Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper, Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon (who broke the all time single game rushing record before it was broken again the following week by an Oklahoma running back), and Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota (arguably the #1 pick in the NFL draft).  In the end, the award went to Mariota for leading the Ducks to the #2 seed college football playoff.  He had a great year, and NFL teams are drooling to draft him.

In the NFL, the Green Bay Packers felt like they were on a destined course for winning home field advantage in the NFL playoffs.  But to Buffalo, a team that is mathematically alive for the playoffs even though they likely won’t make it, this was a chance to show the world that they are a super tough team with a staunch defense that can beat anyone. They gave Aaron Rodgers a day he will never forget.  Interceptions, sacks, you name it.  The Bills held on for the win, and the Packers’ hopes for home field advantage took a huge hit.  Buffalo 21, Green Bay 13.

Elsewhere, everyone was looking forward to the big debut of Johnny Manziel’s first starting job in the NFL.  Expectations were high, and people were hoping to see Manziel running around out there putting on a fireworks show.  Instead, they got 4 quarters of Manziel getting sacked and throwing interceptions.  It was a true ‘Welcome To The NFL’ moment.  He was atrocious leading the Cincinnati Bengals to a shut out!  With the win, the Bengals are in good position to win a playoff birth, while the Browns’ hopes for a playoff spot may be behind them.  Cincinnati 30, Cleveland 0.

Finally, on Sunday Night, the Cowboys were looking to avenge their loss at home to the Eagles on Thanksgiving Day.  They got out to a hot start, reeling off 3 straight touchdowns, but then the Eagles came flying back, and even took the lead.  Thankfully for the Cowboys, the Eagles still were led by Mark Sanchez, who made a number of costly mistakes to put the Cowboys in multiple good scoring positions to win the game.  They cruised to a victory in the 4th quarter, but in the tough NFC, their hopes of making the playoffs are still up in the air.  They have a difficult schedule the rest of the way, and will need to play perfectly if they want to ensure their post-season birth.  Dallas 38, Philadelphia 27.

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