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Bills Players Blasted With Snowstorm And No Practice, Saints’ Fan In Mardi Gras Spirit, Shanahan Could Coach Gators


e9f1a568a6c3f7dcced5f65f02c4fbfaIn the NFL, the Buffalo Bills have a bit of a predicament.  Buffalo is arguably the most harsh cold weather region in the nation.  They just got blasted with a huge snowstorm, so intense that none of the Buffalo Bills players or coaches can get out of their house and drive to the facilities for practice.  Many people, including the players, are wondering if the Bills will play this Sunday given the chance that they haven’t had an opportunity to prepare.  Currently, all signs point to “Yes, they will play”, but it seems like their opponent, the New York Jets, may have a bit of an advantage.  Then again, the Jets are pretty bad this season.

And elsewhere in the NFL, New Orleans Saints’ fan, Tony Williams, who stole headlines after he grabbed a touchdown ball thrown into the crowd away from a female Bengals fan, has said that he never expected such a backlash.  Video showed that the female Bengals fan was pleading with Williams to give her the football, which Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham initially threw to her.  Williams intercepted the ball at the last second, and the media pounced.  But Williams had an opportunity to defend himself, saying that he just got in the Mardi Gras spirit (i.e. people try to catch things thrown from floats) and said he just wanted to the get the football for his grandchild.

In college football, an interesting candidate has emerged for the head coaching job at the University of Florida:  two-time Super Bowl champion Mike Shanahan.  Shanahan could bring a winning pedigree to the organization, but Shanahan was anything but impressive during his time with the Washington Redskins.  College football coaching is a younger man’s jobs, as the hours are truly intense, but perhaps Shanahan can make the Gators relevant again for the first time since the Urban Meyer era.

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