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Alabama Now Favorite For National Championship, Rams Run Over Broncos, Patriots Team To Beat


6c6b8ad40c3098e3767882d797c641bcIn college football, everyone was looking forward to the big showdown between #1 Mississippi State and #5 Alabama.  This game was in ‘Bama, so if Miss St. really wanted to prove they were #1, this is a game they needed to win.  Plus, with the season drawing to a close, a loss could likely mean that they are out of the college playoffs.  In college football, It’s never good to lose late in the season.  How did it play out?  ‘Bama held their ground and were able to put a lock on the Bulldogs’ defense.  The Bulldogs had a small rally late in the game, but this game belonged to the Crimson Tide.  Alabama is now one of the favorites to win the National Championship.  Alabama 25, Mississippi State 20.

In the NFL, Denver has been shaky lately when playing good teams.  They got a real test two weeks ago when they played the Patriots and lost.  So how would they fare on the road against a sneaky good St. Louis Rams defense?  The answer:  Not very well.  The Rams D caused Peyton Manning to throw multiple picks (rare for him), and the Rams’ offense was able to run on the Broncos D.  Sure, Peyton Manning lost Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to injury, but that’s not really an excuse with all the weapons he has.  The Rams earned this win, and the Broncos are starting to look very vulnerable.  St. Louis 22, Denver 7.

Andrew LuckAnd now, it looks like the team to beat in the AFC is the New England Patriots.  Tom Brady and his pack are absolutely crushing teams, scoring almost at will.  They took on another offensive powerhouse in Andrew Luck and the Colts, but the Colts were simply no match for Bill Belichick and his instant offense machine.  The Pats just kept running up the score. It’s hard to imagine which defense in the AFC can stop these guys.  They might even get home field advantage before season’s end.  Remember when everyone said their dynasty was over after they lost in September on Monday Night Football to Kansas City? Guess we need to forget about that!  New England 42, Indianapolis 20.

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