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Peterson Suspended By NFL, Dwight Howard Abuse Charges Resurface, New College Football Rankings


Adrian Peterson NFL suspended Adrian Peterson without pay for the rest of the 2014 season. The decision is creating some controversy as some believe that the NFL made the wrong decision regarding the Ray Rice domestic abuse issue so now they are coming down hard on Peterson. Peterson pleaded no contest back on November 4th to misdemeanor reckless assault on his 4-year-old son. The NFL Players Association is appealing the ruling but the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s letter stated:

“You have shown no meaningful remorse for your conduct. When indicted, you acknowledged what you did but said that you would not ‘eliminate whooping my kids’ and defended your conduct in numerous published text messages to the child’s mother. You also said that you felt ‘very confident with my actions because I know my intent.’

“These comments raise the serious concern that you do not fully appreciate the seriousness of your conduct, or even worse, that you may feel free to engage in similar conduct in the future.”


Dwight HowardIn another potential child abuse case, the NBA is now investigating Houston Rockets’ Center Dwight Howard. The allegations stem from an incident this summer but is now resurfacing. Dwight’s lawyer responded with the following:

“It is troubling to see a mother use her son as a pawn against his father, which is what is happening in this case,” the statement reads. “Dwight Howard will continue to act in the best interest of his children and do whatever is necessary to protect their welfare and best interests.”


The new edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings came out and Alabama now sits at #1 and Mississippi dropped to # 4. Oregon at # 2 and Florida State at # 3 round out the semifinal slots for the time being. It will be an exciting remainder of the season.

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