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Seahawks’ Lynch Chemistry Not Right, Muschamp Resigns from Univ Florida, Jose Canseco Auctioning Finger


Marshawn LynchIn the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks are not playing badly this season, but they are struggling to perform as well as they did in last year’s epic Super Bowl season.  They are still in contention for the playoffs, but something seems to be off with their chemistry.  Some of it has to do with their running back Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch plays very hard, but has definitely had some attitude problems with the Seahawks’ brass.  Head coach Pete Carroll said he believes this is on account of the contract discussions from the off-season.  They didn’t go as Lynch would have liked, but Carroll said he is working with Lynch to resolve issues.  After all, this team wants to get back in late-season form and make a playoff push.

In college football, the decision makers at the University of Florida have seen all they need to from head coach Will Muschamp.  Muschamp took over the program after superstar head coach Urban Meyer stepped down, and the program hasn’t been the same since.  The Gators were almost always in the Top 10 if not the Top 5 discussions, but they have been lackluster at best since the end of the Urban Meyer/Tim Tebow era.  Muschamp resigned as head coach (meaning he was fired), and now Florida is searching for a very offensive minded coach.


Jose Canseco Finally, in some very strange news, former baseball all-star Jose Canseco has had a very interesting month.  He had a horrific accident in which he shot off his finger during a gun cleaning incident.  The doctors were able to reattach the finger, but when he was playing in a poker tournament, it literally fell off.   Well, that gave Canseco an idea.  He said he was thinking about auctioning off his finger on eBay.  Baseball memorabilia enthusiasts actually might be willing to pay for something like that — the finger of one of the “Bash Brothers”… no matter how stupid this might be.

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