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World Cup In the World Cup, the marquee match-up of the day was Spain v. Chile. Spain is not only the reigning World Cup Champion, but they have ruled the international soccer world for the past 6 years. It’s a been a dynasty. However, Spain lost their first match to the Netherlands, and now faced the possibility of being eliminated from the World Cup. Who would have thought the most favored team in the tournament would be on the brink of elimination so soon? Plus, they had to face a tenacious Chile team that was coming off a win.

Chile drew first blood in the game, and everybody assumed that Spain would make their eventual heroic comeback. Surely, the Netherlands blow out was a fluke, and Spain was primed to obliterate everybody in their path. And then, Chile scored again, and Spain knew they were in real trouble. They tried, but just couldn’t get the looks they wanted, and Chile cruised to a victory. Spain is now eliminated from the World Cup, and we will have a new champion this year.




And in some major news out of the NFL, it looks like all the protests over the Washington “Redskins’ offensive name have reached a fever pitch. People are listening, as the United States patent office has not upheld the “Redskins” patent. This essentially means that there is no protection against companies printing up Redskins merchandise. If you wanted to print Redskins shirts with the logo and sell them from your trunk, you could. This is going to anger other team owners, as the league shares in all merchandise sales. Something is going to have change very soon, and it’s likely that the nickname “Redskins”, may soon be a thing of the past.

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