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In the World Cup, Mexico has absolutely shocked people by how well they’ve been playing.  They even tied Brazil!  And on Monday, they had a chance to advance to the Knockout Round if they could get by Croatia.  A Mexican crowd flooded the stadium to root them on, and Mexico used all that support as fuel.  Mexico looked like a powerhouse out there, getting 3 goals in the second half at alarming speed.  Mexico got the easy win, and will now advance to play the Netherlands in the Knockout Round.  What an exciting World Cup!  Mexico 3, Croatia 1.


Gloria JamesIn the NBA, LeBron James’ wife caused a huge stir Monday on Instagram and Twitter.  LeBron and his wife were visiting his home town in Akron, Ohio, but his wife tweeted out “Home Sweet Home #330” (which is the area code for Akron). Everyone interpreted this as though LeBron was coming back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  There is apparently no merit to that, and LeBron still has not made his decision.  Although he does have a big decision to make, as Miami’s supporting cast is still on the decline and he needs to decide where he wants to play the prime of his career.  

Finally, in the NBA, it looks like Hall of Famer Tim Duncan will NOT be calling it quits next season.  On Monday, he opted into his $10.3 million dollar deal that will keep him in San Antonio.  Duncan is going to chase his 6th championship, and if he gets it, especially so spread out in his career, that gives him arguably as impressive of a mark as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.  Duncan is the greatest power forward of all time, and this Spurs team is playing incredible basketball right now.  Can they do it again? 

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