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The major, major, MAJOR story of the day came out of the NBA, as LeBron James has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat.  Wow!  So what does this mean?  It means that LeBron is officially a free agent.  He didn’t say he is leaving Miami, as he could re-sign there, but it is a signal to the league at large that LeBron James is available.  LeBron also made the announcement a week prior to the deadline.  The reason likely being that the NBA Draft is on Thursday, and he wants to give teams as much time as possible to put their offers together.  Those offers will likely include moving draft picks around to make some cap room.  This is a major developing story, especially since there is also the possibility of a pairing with Carmelo Anthony.  


Luis SuarezIn the World Cup, Uruguay took on Italy for the right to move on to the Knockout Round.  The game was close, but Uruguay came out on top.  The main story from the game is Uruguay star Luis Suarez.  Suarez actually bit an Italian player.  And bit him hard.  The strangest thing was that this wasn’t a fluke, as he has done this twice before and has been suspended for it.  So this guy actually has a legitimate problem with biting people.  This is totally unacceptable in the sport.  Uruguay 1, Italy 0.

Finally, in the World Cup, Greece took on the Ivory Coast, also with a spot in the Knockout Round on the line.  Greece hasn’t played the best World Cup so far, but they are still a very strong team.  Ivory Coast put up a fight, but Greece was able to sneak by with a strike in stoppage time, and they secured a spot in the next round.  If they have found their momentum, Greece could be a very dangerous team in the next round.  Greece 2, Ivory Coast 1. 

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