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The over-matched New York Rangers faced elimination Wednesday night against a mightier Los Angeles Kings team.  But the Rangers didn’t want the Kings celebrating in Madison Square Garden so they fought tooth and nail to stave off a ferocious Kings team.  And unlike the rest of the games, this time they held on to their 2-0 lead, and didn’t allow the Kings to come back at will.  The series now heads back to LA, where the Kings hope to close it out.  NY Rangers 2, Los Angeles 1.


Carmelo AnthonyAnd in the NBA, even though the Finals are currently going on, Pat Riley and the Heat are already planning their next big off-season acquisition.  It’s being reported that the Heat fully intend to make a big push for Carmelo Anthony this off-season.  Then, the Big Three would go to the Big Four.  All of this, of course, assumes that LeBron is actually staying in Miami.  And surely the results of this Finals against the Spurs, and whether or not LeBron gets his third ring will have something to do with that decision.  However, if they did get Carmelo, and LeBron DID stay, then the Heat would essentially have all the top picks in the 2003 NBA Draft (LeBron, Carmelo, D-Wade, Chris Bosh).  It will be interesting to see what happens to this team in the off-season.


World Cup Finally, in some very exciting news, it has finally arrived.  The World Cup starts Thursday with the home country Brazil kicking things off against Croatia.  This has been a much-anticipated event, and for one month, the entire world pays attention to soccer.  It’s an exhilarating time, as the stakes are high in every single game.  There is practically no room for error.  You simply can not lose.  Plus, even though expectations are high on certain teams, there is always plenty of room for upsets.  Last World Cup, the teams that played in the 2006 Finals (France & Italy) completely fell apart and didn’t even make it to the round of 16.  Get ready for some exciting soccer chatter. 

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