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In the NBA, it was Game 5 of the NBA Finals.  The Spurs were up 3-1 headed into the game, and everyone had pretty much written off LeBron and the Heat.  After all, they just lost two games at home… and by a lot.  But they came into Game 5 with a fury.  Before they knew it, the Spurs found themselves trailing 22-6.  Unfortunately for the Heat, it seemed like only LeBron came to play, as he didn’t get much offensive or defensive contributions from his teammates.  The Spurs on the other hand played nearly perfect team basketball — moving the ball around effortlessly.

Kawai LeonardSo after a hard fought first half, the Spurs pulled away in the 3rd quarter to build a resounding lead.  And they lead continued into the 4th.  It got so bad that LeBron even checked himself out of the game with 6 minutes to go.  The Spurs went on to win, and this is now the 5th Championship for Tim Duncan and head coach Gregg Popovich.  And it’s #4 for Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.  Kawai Leonard, the 22-year old, who wasn’t even on the all-star team this year, was voted Finals MVP.  He played perfect defense on LeBron, and was a major contributor on offense.  

The question now is… what happens next?  Does LeBron stay in Miami and give it another run.  Do other stars come and help him?  Does he go back to Cleveland?  Does he go to the Lakers?  The Knicks?  Who knows?  It will be a very exciting off-season to follow.  The Spurs on the other hand will go for another title.  That would give Duncan six — just as many as Jordan.  


Finally, in World Cup news, so many teams look fantastic, and even the teams that lost look like a threat to win their next match.  An interesting result was that there were no ties this opening weekend.  That is rather rare.  But, be excited, the United States has their first match of the World Cup against Ghana Monday at 5:30pmET.  

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