It was a pivotal Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  Both of these teams won championships in the past 3 years, and both eagerly want a second.  Boston came into the series with a 2-1 lead, and all of these games have been absolutely riveting.  Overtime matches, incredible goals, and basically everything you would want in a hockey match.  So who would take this one?  The Blackhawks jumped out to a 2 goal lead, but the Bruins came back to tie it at 4.  Then the Blackhawks scored again and the Bruins fans started to lose hope.  But then a clutch, amazing slap shot from the Bruins Johnny Boychuk tied the game and sent it to overtime.  Then, in overtime, a beautiful goal from Brent Seabrook gave the Blackhawks the much-needed win.  Chicago 6, Boston 5.


In the NBA, everybody is speculating now that both Los Angeles stars Dwight Howard (Lakers) and Chris Paul (Clippers) will be on a different team next year.  They have both been included in a lot of trade talks, or in Paul’s case, free agent talks in which people have Paul going to the Mavericks, Knicks, or even the Lakers.  Howard, on the other hand, has been rumored to possibly be putting on a Clippers jersey next year.  But yesterday, on the sports radio show Mason & Ireland, Kobe Bryant put in his two cents.  His opinion:  That when all is said in done, both Howard and Paul will stay exactly where they are.  Sure, it’s just an opinion, but you have to assume Kobe knows a little more than most about what’s going on in those players minds.

Finally, tonight is a much anticipated and rare Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  The Spurs put every ounce of energy they had on the floor for Game 6.  They had a 16-point lead and they let the Heat come back and win the game.  That’s enough to lose all motivation to do it again for Game 7.  Everybody is counting the Spurs out for this one, assuming that the Heat have the fire power and all the momentum right now.  Will the Spurs shock the world and take the game?  Either way, there is video evidence that many Heat fans actually gave up on the team in Game 6 and were leaving the stadium.  Heat center Chris Bosh had some words for those fans… “Stay home for Game 7”.  The fans that left definitely missed one of the best finishes in NBA Finals history.  And Game 7 is a must-see event tonight.

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