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In Wimbledon, we’re typically accustomed to some sort of Nadal/Federer showdown either in the finals for the semi-finals.  We already lost Rafael Nadal to a first round upset.  And now, his Wimbledon nemesis Roger Federer, also suffered an upset.  Yep, Sergiy Stakhovsky took out the great one in the second round.  It wasn’t easy, however, as Stakhovsky needed every single set and point to ultimately drop Federer, but he got it done.  Stakhovsky also isn’t ranked in the Top 100.  What is going on this Wimbledon?


In the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t made any significant off-season moves just yet.  However, they did do something you don’t typically see.  They put up a gigantic poster of Dwight Howard on the Staples Center downtown with the word “STAY!” printed in very large letters.  The Lakers desperately want Howard to stick around as they intend to make him their future franchise player, but Howard didn’t exactly enjoy his first year with the team, and a lot are speculating that he may be headed to Houston.  Houston is reportedly trying to free up cap space to sign him, as they believe a nucleus of Howard, Harden, and Lin would make them a very successful and marketable team going forward.  Hopefully for the Lakers sake, Dwight will drive by the big poster every day.


And in the major sports story of the yesterday, after a long investigation into Patriots’ Tight End Aaron Hernandez, the police have finally made their move.  For the past 10 days, Hernandez had been speculatively linked to a murder close to his house.  Police had been questioning him and gaining evidence, and yesterday they arrested him for first degree murder.  Apparently the evidence against him is extremely convincing, as there is even a video tape  Hernandez took directly after the murder of bringing a weapon back into his house.  The Patriots have already released Hernandez from the team, and it’s very likely that Hernandez will spend a life in jail.  A shocking story to what was looking like a very promising NFL career.

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