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The big news this weekend was out of the NBA.  With the Finals over, all teams are now officially in ‘off-season’ mode.  Free agency doesn’t begin until July, but many teams are currently making coaching moves.  One of the teams in desperate need of a coach:  The Los Angeles Clippers.  They recently parted ways with Vinny Del Negro, and were in search of a coach that would make their star point guard Chris Paul happy the next few years so that he will stay.  This weekend, they found their man.  They essentially traded for Celtics head coach Doc Rivers.  The Celtics let Rivers out of his contract, and the Clippers agreed to a 3-year deal.  Rivers didn’t want to stay with the Celtics if they were going into rebuilding mode.  Plus, many speculated that he simply wasn’t getting along with Celtics’ star guard Rajon Rondo.  Now that the Clippers have Rivers, they should have the right direction next season and be able to go further into the playoffs.

After the Heat won the Finals, they of course hit the town celebrating.  A bunch of NBA players and their respective posse’s after winning an NBA Title can rack up quite the alcohol celebration bill.  One club they went to decided to comp their $100,000 bill.  I guess that shows tremendous gratitude towards the Heat.  Then again, comping a $100k bill is not just a drop in the bucket for a club owner, so assuming the owner knew what he/she was doing.  While many drank, Shane Battier posted a pic on his Twitter of heading to Denny’s — calling it a championship tradition.


And in hockey, the Stanley Cup Finals are nearing their end.  Saturday saw a crucial game 5 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  The Blackhawks needed the win because heading back to Boston for an elimination game isn’t the ideal situation.   Fortunately for the Blackhawks, their offense has been too much for the Bruins to handle lately, and that was exactly the case in Game 5.  The Blackhawks cruised to a victory behind their star Johnathan Toews.  Now, Chicago is just one win away from winning their 2nd title in just 3 years.  And prior to that, they hadn’t won in over 40 years.

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