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In the NBA, it was the game we’ve all been waiting for — a rare Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  We’ve had a great time watching the Heat battle the Spurs, but this one was going to simply come down to who wanted it more.  The Heat had all the momentum going into the Game, but the Spurs have won multiple championships and know how to stay cool under pressure.  The game started out with the Spurs taking an early lead, but then the Heat rallied back.  Going into the half, the Heat had a slight edge.  Then, in the 3rd quarter, the game still remained a tight battle.  But, when you’re playing the Heat, you have to get a commanding lead on them, because they are a very tough team to beat down the stretch.

Going into the 4th quarter, it was neck and neck, and it was anybody’s guess.  The Heat maintained a slight small lead, but the Spurs would not go away, even with some horrible unforced turnovers.  It also wasn’t a very good night for the Spurs’ Tony Parker.  He just wasn’t himself.  Down the stretch, the Spurs Kawhi Leonard hit some clutch threes, but nobody was more clutch than LeBron James.  He hit multiple pull up jump shots that kept falling, putting the daggers into the Spurs hearts.  Down by four, the Spurs had a chance to make a clutch play with about 20 seconds left, but Manu Ginobili turned the ball over and that was all she wrote.

The Heat won their 2nd consecutive NBA Championship, and LeBron James won his second straight Finals MVP trophy.  So now LeBron has 2 titles, 4 MVP trophies, and 2 Finals MVP trophies.  If he would have lost this game, he likely would have been removed from the “Is he as good as Jordan?” conversation.  But since he won, the debate continues, and it’s very likely that the Heat will go for a 3-peat — something that hasn’t been accomplished since the Lakers did it in the early part of the last decade.  LeBron has officially silenced all his critics, and has a lot more in the tank going forward.   Miami 95, San Antonio 88.

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