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In the NHL, it was an amazing Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins.  The Blackhawks led 3-2 coming into Game 6, but if they wanted to close this one out early, they would have to win on Boston-ice — a very difficult feat to pull off.  The game started off 1-1, and it was deadlocked until the third period.  It looked like  we were headed to one of those long overtime standoffs again.  But then, Boston got a goal to a get the edge and the crowd erupted.  But then with just over a minute to play, Chicago got a goal to even it up.  Now it definitely looked like we were headed to overtime in a 2-2 tie.

Nobody would ever have expected this in a Game 6 of a Stanley Cup Finals… but the Blackhawks scored again just 17 seconds later to take the lead.  Yep, in just 17 seconds, the Bruins went from looking like they were going to force a Game 7, to looking like they were headed to overtime, to losing the Stanley Cup Finals.  17 seconds!!!  It was a miraculous effort on the part of the Blackhawks, and had it taken place in Chicago, the crowd may have all fainted from excitement.   Jonathan Towes won the MVP, and the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup Finals for the 2nd time in 4 years and are starting to look like a potential dynasty.  Congratulations to Chicago!  Chicago 3, Boston 2.


In the NBA, the Denver Nuggets have finally found their coach for next season.  They decided not to go with one of the established head coaches out there, but to go the route the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets did by hiring a guy with no head coaching experience, yet a lot of potential.  The Nets handed the keys to Jason Kidd, the Warriors snagged former point guard and broadcaster Mark Jackson a few seasons ago and got amazing results, and now the Nuggets have made their selection.  They’re going with former point guard and Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw.  Shaw has been looking for a head coaching spot for a long time now.  The Lakers didn’t give him the job, so he went to Indiana as an assistant, and had fantastic results under Frank Vogel with the Pacers.  Now the Nuggets want to let him call the shots for the fast-paced Nuggets.  This will be a very intriguing experiment.


Finally, in Wimbledon, a major upset.  We’re used to seeing the top dogs almost every year at the end of this tournament — meaning Djokovich, Federer, and Nadal.  So, it was a shock to the entire world, when Nadal lost in the first round to the 135th ranked Steve Darcis.  Nobody knows much about Darcis, but he clearly had what it took to edge the champion.  So… how far can Darcis advance?  If he can beat the champ, could he be the champ?

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