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This weekend, it was Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.  The Heat led the series 3-2 and hoped to close it out in Indy.  However, even though LeBron is putting on a basketball clinic right now, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are not playing up to their all-star levels.  Some thought that it was misguided of head coach Erik Spoelstra to play Wade at times.  The Heat did look quite discombobulated in Game 6, and Pacers big men Roy Hibbert and David West gave them headaches.  The Pacers cruised to a victory and forced a Game 7 in Miami Monday night.  Indiana 91, Miami 77.

On top of this, Pacers 7’2 center Roy Hibbert was rather brazen in his post game conference.  One of the media reporters effectively implied that Hibbert’s strong play was a surprise and that they hadn’t really heard about him all season.  Hibbert took offense, and casually responded ‘Y’all motherf****** don’t watch us play all year”, questioning how they would know.  Then, on top of this, Hibbert said that LeBron “stretched me out so much—no homo.”.  Saying ‘homo’ in a derogatory fashion drew the ire of the media and Jason Collins, who recently came out as the first active professional athlete in a major sports league.  Collins tweeted at Hibbert asking for him to tweet him so they can talk about the issue.  Hibbert of course put out a long apology, which commissioner David Stern said he thought was sincere, but Hibbert was still fined $75k for his outburst.


And in college football, Ohio State’s athletic director is in deep trouble for saying that Notre Dame shouldn’t play in the Big 10.  He didn’t give sound logic, either, but rather he was caught on audio for using some heinous language.  He said that Notre Dame shouldn’t be in the Big 10 because you can’t trust those “Damn Catholics”.  He has since apologized, but unlike Roy Hibbert’s spur of the moment outburst, this one feels like a deep rooted belief.


Things are looking up for Team USA.  USA is constantly trying to gain respect from the soccer world.  They have an up-and-coming team, but are not considered a significant threat on the world stage.  Sunday, in a huge shocker, USA crushed Germany in a friendly.  Germany is one of the best soccer countries in the world, and at one point in the game the US was up 4-1.  Germany scored two more goals on them, but still to come out on top against Germany is an amazing feat for the U.S.  Hopefully they qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  USA 4, Germany 3.

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