In the NBA, it was the game we’ve all been waiting for… Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.  Miami has been struggling lately, but they still have the game’s best player in LeBron James.  The Spurs, on the other hand, have plenty of championship experience, as this group has won 3 titles together, and Duncan has won four.  So how would it play out?  It was neck and neck for most of the way, with the Heat having the edge and the Spurs struggling to take the lead.  But late in the 4th quarter, the Spurs did jump ahead.  They led by 2 with just under 10 seconds to play, when Tony Parker got off an amazing last second shot to beat the shot clock and put the Spurs up by 4.  With that clutch shot, the Spurs stole game 1 from Miami on the Heat’s home floor.  Game 2 is on Sunday.  San Antonio 92, Miami 88.

And in some other shocking news in the NBA, a major coaching change.  George Karl has taken the reigns of the Denver Nuggets for the past 7 seasons.  They have been competitive almost every season, and this year they went on an incredible winning streak.  This year the Nuggets landed the #3 seed in the west, and George Karl was named Coach of The Year.  Unfortunately, the Nuggets were bounced by the Warriors in the first round.  Thursday, the Nuggets decided to part ways with Karl.  It was a moved that confused everyone, as not many Coaches of the Year are fired.  But reports were that Karl had one more year on his deal and the Nuggets didn’t want to pay him a long term contract.  The Nuggets have a great young foundation, and it will be interesting to see who replaces Karl.

Finally, to continue the shocking news, there was another surprise out of Rome.  It was the Golden Gala track meet, the latest place for the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, to strut his stuff.  But USA’s Justin Gatlin was also there, and he definitely wasn’t intimidated by Bolt.  In fact, Gatlin edged Bolt by 0.01 seconds.  After the race, Bolt covered his face with his hands, then collected his breath, shrugged his shoulders and saluted the crowd.

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