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The NBA Playoffs continued this weekend.

The #1 vs. #8 series in the East, Miami vs. Milwaukee, was expected to be good entertainment.  Bucks star guard Brandon Jennings even said that the Bucks would beat Miami in 6 games.  You have to love a little trash talk from the little guy, but not only did that not happen, the Heat didn’t even crack a smile.  They handled Milwaukee in pure business like fashion — basically not even taking the series seriously and sweeping the Bucks on the Sunday with the ease of doing a simple weekend chore.  Even though the Bucks jumped out to an early  lead sometimes, none of the games were even close.  Now Miami will take on the winner of the Nets/Bulls series, while the Bucks will use this off season to make some strategic decisions to improve.  Miami 88, Milwaukee 77.

And in Los Angeles, when the Lakers added Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Antawn Jamison prior to the season, everybody had them penciled in as the champions.  Then, as we saw, they had injuries and chemistry issues, and final the fatal blow was dealt when Kobe blew out his achilles.  Some, though, thought they actually might stand a chance in the playoffs — after all, they still have Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and even a red hot Steve Blake.  But then more injuries came, they lost Nash, Jamison, and Blake, and were down to playing with D-League guys.  On Sunday, it was all she wrote for the Lakers.  The Spurs simply slaughtered them again.  If that wasn’t enough, what is usually a star-studded crowd in Staples Center, was more of a barren wasteland.  The Lakers have something called “Celebrity Row” — a row of about 20 chairs on the court where many celebrities sit.  They were all empty during this game.  Even Jack Nicholson left after the 3rd quarter.  The Spurs advance to play the winner of the Nuggets/Warriors series, while the Lakers have some serious decisions to make in the off-season.  Will they be able to keep Dwight Howard?  He is a free agent and can play wherever he wants.  San Antonio 103, LA Lakers 82.


Finally, the other main story of the weekend was the remaining rounds of the NFL Draft.  Here were the notable selections.  Geno Smith was lauded as a Top 10 pick going into the draft, but he slipped all the way to the second round, where he was finally selected by the New York Jets.  This may signal the end for the Mark Sanchez era in New York.  Then, most of the other big name quarterbacks didn’t come off the board until the 4th round.  Matt Barkley went to the Eagles, and will now play for head coach Chip Kelly.  Barkley is one of the only college quarterbacks to beat Kelly’s Oregon Ducks, so Kelly knows how good he can be.  Ryan Nassib from Syracuse went to the Giants, while star Alabama running back Eddie Lacy went to the Packers — a team severely in need of a running back.  The Packers actually also added UCLA star running back Jonathan Franklin.  So they should be pretty well stocked at the running back position for the next few seasons.   Later, the Niners took star South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, and the Jacksonville Jaguars added Michigan quarterback/running-back/wide-receiver, and all around play-maker Denard Robsinson.   But the most intriguing pick of the draft was where would the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) go?  This guy was phenomenal in college, and the talk of the college football world, but drug and alcohol problems resulted in him being kicked off the team.  He tried to play in Division 2 and the CFL, but nothing worked.  He had no choice but to enter the draft.  However, he kept slipping because nobody wanted to take a chance on him.  Finally, the Arizona Cardinals took him in the 3rd round. Their reasoning being that they already employ his friend and former teammate Patrick Peterson, and they figure that Peterson can keep the Honey Badger out of trouble.  If he does, the Honey Badger is an amazing talent and an excellent draft steal from the Cardinals.  

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