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In the NBA, the playoffs were underway this weekend.

The #2 Knicks kicked things off against the #7 Boston Celtics.  This is likely the Celtics last chance to win with their Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett nucleus.  Unfortunately, they don’t have Rajon Rondo to try and make a run this year.  Meanwhile, the Knicks are playing better than ever.  The Celtics kept it close in the first half, but the Knicks got their act together in the 2nd and pulled out a victory for Game 1.  NY Knicks 85, Boston 78.

Then we got to see the #3 seed in the West, the Denver Nuggets take on a new addition to the post season, the #6 seed Golden State Warriors.  These are two offensive powerhouse teams, and some think that the Warriors may be able to pull an upset in this series.  While that might be the case, first they had to win a game in Denver.  Warriors point-guard Stephan Curry had a terrible game in the first half, but the Warriors still kept it close.  This game actually came down to the last position when Andre Miller, the Nuggets 37-year old point guard drove the lane and hit a last second layup to win the game.  The Nuggets stay hot at home.  Denver 97, Golden State 95.

And on Sunday, the Lakers were hoping to continue their hot streak and try and steal a game from the Spurs in San Antonio.  The only problem is they were playing without their offensive fire power from Kobe Bryant.  So even though the Spurs played a rather lackluster game, they still had plenty to contain the Lakers and get the job done.  They were able to shut down Dwight Howard, and make the Lakers back court beat them.  The Lakers back court is not their strongest component, and they simply couldn’t get enough points to keep the game close.  The Spurs take Game 1.  San Antonio 91, LA Lakers 79.


And finally, with some news out of the NFL, it looks like the Jets had no choice but to part ways with their star cornerback Darrelle Revis.  This had been a rumor for a long time, but Revis wanted out, and the Jets didn’t want to keep an unhappy camper on their roster.  So they shipped Revis to Tampa Bay for a 1st and 3rd round draft pick.  Revis will certainly help the Bucs, a team that has been upgrading their defense in the off-season. Plus, the Bucs have a young offense that is primed to finally spark to life this season.  The Jets didn’t get the best deal, but those high draft picks are definitely going to help them improve.

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