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Earlier yesterday, reports came out that a suspect may be arrested in the Boston bombing tragedy that killed 3 people and left 170 injured.  But it was later reported that the FBI actually didn’t have anybody yet.  In the interim, people are doing whatever they can to lift Boston’s spirit.  This included Yankee fans singing “Sweet Caroline” (The Red Sox anthem) in Yankee park.   What is usually a hot contested rivalry has taken a backseat to people just looking out for other people.  There was even a sign on the wall that said “New York Stands With Boston”.  You can see the video here:



And in the NBA, Wednesday marked the finale of the regular season.  The main storyline was whether the Jazz or Lakers would make the playoffs.  The Jazz needed to win in Memphis, and then had to hope that the Lakers lost to Houston.  A conceivable situation considering that Utah is a team on a mission, and a Lakers team without Kobe Bryant is no surefire win.  Even though they needed the win, the Jazz got crushed by the Grizzlies, which meant that the Lakers locked up a playoff spot.  But the Lakers game still had stakes, because the Lakers and Rockets were fighting for the #7 seed and the right to play the Spurs (and not the red hot Thunder).   The Lakers were resilient, and it took an overtime, but they beat the Rockets.  That’s a 2-game winning streak without Kobe.  So the Lakers will get the Spurs and the Rockets will get the Thunder.   Memphis 86, Utah 70.  LA Lakers 99, Houston 95.

And finally, in some retrospective NBA history, there is no information on the famous Jordan “Flu” game. To remind you,  Michael Jordan played in a championship game against Utah with the “flu”.  He willed the Bulls to a win despite being sick as a dog.  As the years have passed, many have speculated whether Jordan actually had the flu, or if he was just seriously hungover.  Now, Jordan’s old trainer has brought some new possible evidence to the table.  He said that Jordan didn’t have the flu, but was poisoned.  He told a story of how Jordan was very hungry the night before the game.  There was nowhere open late except for pizza delivery.  It was well known where the Bulls were staying in Park City Utah, and the trainer said it was very weird that 5 people came to deliver one pizza.  Jordan is the only one who ate the pizza.  Later that night, Jordan called the trainer and said he was shivering in his bed.  He can’t prove it, but the trainer thinks that the pizza was poisoned.  An interesting take.

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