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Today marks the first day of the best tournament in golf:  The Masters.  This year should be incredible.  Why?  Because Tiger Woods is back on top and winning The Masters would be a stamp on his dominance.  A true comeback story.  Many are attributing his recent success to his new steady girlfriend, skier Lindsey Vonn.   So it will be interesting to see if Woods can get another green jacket.  Additionally, this year’s Masters could have the NEXT Tiger Woods, as a 14-year old will be playing in the tournament.  Yep, Chinese middle schooler Tianlung Guan will see what he can do against the pros.  Not much is expected, but if this kid shocks the world, it would be a thrill to watch.


In the NBA, the Lakers are genuinely in danger of not making the playoffs.  They are a half game out behind the Utah Jazz for the 8th spot going into a game against Portland, and this was a must-win game if they wanted to control their own destiny for the remainder of the season.  They would take on a very young, but quite tough, Blazers team.  Likely rookie of the year Damien Lillard gave the Lakers fits in the first half.  It was as if they couldn’t miss, but in the second half Kobe just took over.  He took the game into his own hands and put up a total of 47 points on the night to help the Lakers secure the win.  With the victory, the Lakers control their own destiny, and experts are predicting that there is a 75% chance they make the playoffs under these circumstances.  Lakers 113, Blazers 106.


In the NFL, an interesting story is developing.  The League has a ban on performance-enhancing drugs.  We know all the usual suspects that fall into that category.  But yesterday, Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman came out and said that about half of the players in the league use the drug adderall.  Adderall is a prescription drug that helps people deal with hyperactivity and attention-deficit disorder.  It helps them focus on a task at hand (i.e. a game).  But the league is looking into adderall as a possible performance-enhancing drug.  Sherman was suspended for the drug this past season, but if so many players are using it, for whatever reason, then the league might have to possibly make it legal.

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