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The major story yesterday happened at the Boston Marathon.  Four hours after the race finished, someone detonated explosives near the finish line.  Over 100 people were injured from the blast, and three were killed.  People at the marathon described the scene as horrifying. Unfortunately at this point we don’t know of any true suspects and any motives.

President Obama released a statement at around 3:10pmPT Monday saying that they don’t know who did this, but when they find out, they will feel the full weight of justice.  The Boston Marathon is a sacred tradition in New England, and the fact that something like this happened is just a shock to the public safety of the United States.  Our thoughts go out to the victims and the victim’s families.  This is going to take a while to sort out, but hopefully the police and FBI will determine the cause and culprit.  Boston is taking things slowly as of now.  They cancelled last night’s Bruins game and tonight’s Celtics game.  Our thoughts go out to all the victims.


In the NBA, there were a few games last night with playoff implications.  First, the Oklahoma City Thunder edged the Sacramento Kings to secure the #1 seed in the Western Conference.  And in a post-season that’s going to be extremely competitive having home court advantage in the Western Conference Finals (assuming they make it there).  Also, the Utah Jazz knocked off Minnesota to keep their playoffs hopes alive.  So here’s the situation:  The Jazz have to beat Memphis in Memphis if they want to have a shot at the playoffs.  But if they win, they need the Lakers to lose.  And the Lakers will have a relatively tough match-up against the Rockets in LA.  But the Rockets will be looking to fine tune their skills before the playoffs.  Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out.  OKC 104, Sacramento 95.  Utah 96, Minnesota 80.

Finally, Monday was the WNBA Draft, and everyone knew who was going #1 overall….Brittney Griner, arguably the greatest female player to play the game.  Griner was drafted by the Phoenix Mercury and should bring even more awareness to the league.  However, it’s still possible that Mark Cuban could draft Griner to the Mavs.  Long shot, but possible.  #2 overall was Elena Delle Donne from Delaware.  She went to Chicago.  And at #3 it was Skyler Diggins from Notre Dame.  She’s off to Tulsa.  That league is getting packed with talent.

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