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What a wild weekend in college basketball, as tickets to the final four were on the line.

First up, it was #4 Syracuse vs. #3 Marquette.  Everyone thought that this was going to be #1 Indiana vs. #2 Miami, but Syracuse and Marquette took care of those boys.  Marquette has gotten some miracles to stay alive in this tourney, but it’s still ‘game at a time’ and they hoped to gel against Syracuse.  Unfortunately for Marquette, Syracuse’s staunch zone defense was too difficult to pierce.  Plus, Marquette couldn’t buy a bucket, which enabled the Orange to move on.  Syracuse booked the first ticket to the final four.  Syracuse 55, Marquette 39.

Then, it was the Cinderella team Wichita State vs. #2 Ohio State.  Ohio State needed some impressive last second shots to get to this point, and they definitely weren’t prepared for the Shockers.  Wichita State jumped out to a commanding lead, and even led by 20 points with 12 minutes to go.  Then, the Buckeyes started on a course to pull the greatest comeback in tournament history — getting it to within 3 points with under a minute to go.  But a clutch three pointer and acrobatic lay-up from the Shockers secured the victory for Wichita State.  Cinderella keeps dancing.  Wichita State 70, Ohio State 66.

And on Sunday, it was a much anticipated match-up between #4 Michigan and #3 Florida.  These are two highly athletic and fast programs, and a winner was hard to predict.  The major difference:  The Michigan Wolverines have Trey Burke, the best point guard in the nation.  Burke had another spectacular game, the Wolverines had a huge lead, and simply never looked back.  They will march on.  Michigan 79, Florida 59.

Finally, it was #1 Louisville vs. #2 Duke.  Louisville had been playing fantastically, and that didn’t stop against the Blue Devils.  Sadly, however, on a routine play, Louisville guard Kevin Ware came down awkwardly, and broke his leg in two places.  It was a gruesome scene that left Ware’s leg splintered.  All the players could barely even stand up, and many were crying, including Louisville coach Rick Pitino.  With Ware out of the game, the Cardinals had every motivation they needed to smash the Blue Devils.  And they punched their ticket to the Final Four.   Louisville 85, Duke 63.
It’ll be #1 Louisville vs. #9 Wichita State, and #4 Syracuse vs. #4 Michigan.

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