In the NBA, on Wednesday night, Kobe Bryant went down with a severe ankle sprain.  He is currently out indefinitely, as it’s unclear how long it will take him to recover.  This is a huge blow for a team that is clawing at the opportunity for a post-season birth.  Now, the Atlanta Hawks’ Dahntay Jones is coming under attack, as Laker fans think that he intentionally tried to hurt Kobe.  But Jones has fired back saying that he in absolutely no way tried to hurt Kobe.  Bryant tried to hit a fade away, which caused Jones to have to step under him in order to defend the shot.  This caused Kobe to land awkwardly on his ankle, and this type of thing can cause injuries that can end careers.  Still, many pundits are saying that no matter what Jones says, he likely did this on purpose.  It’s all a matter of opinion.


In NFL free agency, another former quarterback found a new home.  After being released from the Kansas City Chiefs in order to make room for Alex Smith, Matt Cassel was hoping to jump onto another team quickly.  On Thursday he found a new home as the back-up on the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings are likely going to stick with their quarterback Christian Ponder, but Ponder had some weak games last year, and if things don’t start clicking for them, it’s likely that Cassel could step in and get a shot.  Cassel might not have what it takes to be a star QB in this league, but he is a nice, reliable option as a back-up.

And at the age of 29-years old, Stephen Jackson is no longer a St. Louis Ram.  Jackson is a pure beast of an athlete.  He’s the type of player who gives it everything he has on every play.  He was never shy.  But, in St. Louis, the Rams often fell behind by a lot of points, which didn’t give Jackson a chance to shine at the end of games (because the Rams were always in pass mode).  Now, he’s found a new home in Atlanta . The Falcons released their running-back Michael Turner so they were able sign Stephen Jackson.  Having a truck like Jackson is going to be perfect for them.  He’s like an improved version of Michael Turner.  Last year, the Falcons had dents in their armor, but next season they will be a machine to be reckoned with.

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