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In the NFL, a major free agent signing went down over the weekend.  Most of the big name free agents were off the board except for one:  long-time Packers star wide receiver Greg Jennings.  The Packers parted ways with Jennings for financial reasons, thinking that they can reload weapons for Aaron Rodgers in the draft.  Plus, receivers James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb are coming on strong.  But, in the NFL, teams in the same divisions like to grab other free agents to get intel about a team.  That’s why the Minnesota Vikings grabbed Jennings for a lucrative 5-year deal.  This helps the Vikings replace the void at wide receiver left by Harvin, and they will also look to put more weapons on the field around their young QB Christian Ponder. Look for them to grab wide receivers in the draft.  This is a very nice fit for Jennings.


And in college basketball, it was “Selection Sunday” where we finally got to see where teams would end up for March Madness.  First, though, we had to see the conference championship games play out.  Louisville nabbed the Big East title with ease, and looks like the toughest team in the country to beat right now.  Ohio State grabbed the Big Ten Title, while Oregon pulled an upset win to win the Pac 12 championship.  In the South, Ole Miss put on their Cinderella shoes to win the SEC, and Miami looked fearless as they took home the ACC crown.

So where would everyone end up.  Well, there was some controversy around the #1 seeds, but after all was said and done, they were doled out to Louisville, Kansas, Indiana, and Gonzaga.  As for #2 seeds, Duke went to Louisville’s division, Georgetown to the Kansas’, Miami to the Indiana bracket, and Ohio State to Gonzaga’s.  It is very important to consider that there is more parity this year in college basketball than any season in the past decade.  There is no powerhouse, and anyone could literally beat anyone.  The seedings don’t really matter as much as who is hot right now.  Teams like Indiana and Georgetown are a bit cold right now, while Miami, Louisville, and even a dark horse candidate like a #3 New Mexico are scorching hot.  Plus, there are 4 play-in games this year, so all the madness will actually begin on Tuesday.  Get ready for an amazing week of hoops.

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