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In the NBA, with the dunk contest on the decline and in much need of repair, Magic Johnson has presented a solution.  While there are a bevy of awesome dunkers in the NBA, there is only one king dunker, and that’s LeBron James.  But LeBron James is too big a star to compete in the dunk contest.  He only has something to lose.  However, Michael Jordan used to compete every year.  Now, Magic Johnson has publicly offered LeBron $1,000,000 to compete in the next dunk contest.  Funny enough, for the past week, LeBron has been doing one monster dunk in the pre-game warm-ups.  These dunks have even gone viral.  Magic wants LeBron to show those skills live in front of a mass audience.  Sure, he doesn’t need the money, but that could be donated to charity.  This could get very interesting.

Speaking of LeBron, the Heat were riding a 13-game win streak heading into Sunday’s game against the Knicks.  But New York was looking to defend their home court, and did a pretty good job of doing it.  Carmelo had a monster game with 32 points, and the Knicks looked poised to win the game, but in the end, LeBron just took over and ensured that the Heat secured their 14th straight victory.  He made it look easy, in fact.  The Knicks look like they are going to be less and less of a threat in the post season, while the Heat are practically unstoppable now. Miami 99, NY Knicks 93.

And in some weird news, Dennis Rodman is back in the headlines.  This guy is broke and always looking to stay a part of pop culture, and he recently did this with a trip to North Korea.  Americans do not travel to North Korea, but that’s something that doesn’t concern Rodman.  He met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (son of Kim Jong Ill), who is notoriously famous for oppression,  horrible  living conditions for the people and threats to destroy the US.  However, Rodman called Kim Jong Un a friend, and said that he was “a good guy”.  Rodman said he doesn’t condone what he’s done, but that he liked Kim Jong Un.  This is offensive to basically everyone, and makes Rodman look like an idiot. Plus, it’s likely Rodman doesn’t understand the difference between North and South Korea because he said he wanted to meet pop sensation PSY.  But, this will keep him in the news for at least 24 hours.  So if that was the goal, mission achieved.

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