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What’s going on in the NBA right now is nothing short of incredible.  Everyone is turning on their super A-game to take on the Heat, as every team wants to be the team that ends Miami’s incredible 23-game win streak.  Wednesday night, the Heat took on LeBron’s old team — the Cleveland Cavaliers.  So the Cavs wanted it extra bad.  Unfortunately for the Cavs, they were without their star point guard Kyrie Irving.  The Cavs jumped out to an awesome 27-point lead.  Again, that’s a 27-point lead on the Miami Heat.  But, in spectacular fashion, the Heat came surging back in the second half behind an awesome 3-point shooting spree from LeBron James.  James decided this wasn’t going to end in Cleveland.  LeBron had a triple double and helped the Heat hang on and get their 24th straight win.  Every single team is dying to take them down.  Miami 98, Cleveland 95.
And in college basketball, not many noticed, but March Madness actually had two play-in games yesterday. First, James Madison had a tough fought battle against LIU Brooklyn, but the #16 pulled it out for the right to get crushed by Indiana.  Then, two #13 teams faced off for a chance to take on #4 seed Kansas State.  It was a duel between Boise State and LaSalle.  This one wasn’t even close, as LaSalle got it done to easily advance.  They will have to take on Kansas State in Kansas City, but stranger upsets have happened.  LaSalle 68, Boise State 55.



Finally, in the NFL, it looks like long-time Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed is headed out of town.  Reed has been an instrumental component to the Ravens stellar defense over the last decade.  But after the Ravens won a Super Bowl, Reed, like many other Ravens, has decided to move on.  He’s headed to Houston, where he will strap on a Texans helmet.  This is an extremely intelligent addition by the Texans, as they place some much needed help in their secondary.  The Texans had a solid offense last year, but the defense let teams run up the score.  Having Reed will help in keeping opponent scoring down, and perhaps help the Texans get to the Super Bowl.

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