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In the NFL, yesterday was a day of shocking moves.

There was a lot of talk out of Minnesota about Percy Harvin getting traded.  Harvin has been an excellent receiver and kick returner for the Vikings, but apparently was dissatisfied with the organization.  So they had to send him out of town.  Who would grab him?  None other than the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks sent the Vikings their first round pick in this year’s draft, as well as a few other draft picks in the future, but this was a fantastic pick-up for them.  This gives their star young quarterback, Russell Wilson, an amazing down the field play maker.  Expect to see the Seahawks airing it out all over the place next year.  They also might add a few young guys to the receiving corps in the draft.

Then, just an hour after that trade was announced another star receiver was headed out of town.  After winning the Super Bowl with the Ravens, Anquan Boldin said he would retire if the Ravens didn’t re-sign him.  The Ravens didn’t resign him, but rather shipped him off to the team that he beat in the Super Bowl:  The San Francisco 49ers.  Boldin and his Ravens teammates were shocked by the move, but this could be a good situation for Boldin.  He’ll have the amazing Colin Kaepernick throwing his way, and be part of a team that is definitely a contender in the NFC.  In fact, he could be wearing his 2nd Super Bowl ring before he retires.


In college basketball, it was the championship game of the WCC conference between Gonzaga and St. Mary’s.  Last year, St. Mary’s beat Gonzaga to secure a birth in the NCAA tourney, but this year, Gonzaga is currently ranked #1 in the nation, and definitely wanted to avenge their loss.  Plus, if they got the win, it was likely that they would enter the NCAA tourney as the #1 OVERALL SEED.  Remember, Gonzaga is one of the classic Cinderella teams — the mid-major team that would always pull a few upsets in the tourney.  Well, they crushed St. Mary’s and will now have to prove that their are worthy of the #1 overall spot.  Will you dare pick Gonzaga to win it all????  Gonzaga 65, St. Mary’s 51.

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