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In the NBA, the Miami Heat were tied with the 2008 Houston Rockets for the second longest winning streak in NBA History:  22 games.  The Heat have been rolling, but have had some close calls to some bad teams.  To get that 23rd win, they would need to beat their rival, the Boston Celtics, IN Boston.  Boston is playing very well right now, and long-time Celtics fan and ESPN analyst Bill Simmons actually guaranteed a win on TV.  Unfortunately for the Celtics, they would be without Kevin Garnett.  At the same time, the Celtics played so well that it looked like they wouldn’t need Garnett.  They even got up by as many as 17 points.  But late in the 4th quarter, LeBron and Wade went to work and pulled the miracle comeback, beating the Celtics at the very end and extending their streak to 23.  Now they have a stretch of 5 winnable games.  Can they beat the Lakers record of 33 wins back in the late 60s???  Miami 105, Boston 103.

In women’s college hoops, the NCAA Women’s Brackets were announced yesterday, revealing that Baylor has the #1 overall seed.  This is largely due to the phenomenal and now legendary play of their center Brittney Griner.  Griner is arguably the best female basketball player ever to play the game.  Baylor only dropped one game this year, but they are surely the favorite to win it all. However, you can bet the other #1 seeds, traditional women’s powerhouses UConn, Stanford, and Notre Dame will all be gunning to take down Baylor.  Can the Bears win two National Championships in a row???


And in NFL free agency, the Tennessee Titans made two bold moves yesterday.  First, after two years, the Titans have decided to part ways with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.  Hasselbeck was more of an interim plan so they could start training their new QB Jake Locker.  Locker got hurt last year, so Hasselbeck actually saw a lot of action.  But they finally decided that Locker was ready.  However, to keep Locker on his toes, and as an insurance policy, the Titans signed free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick had some great games and some terrible games in Buffalo, but he is a nice addition as a back-up in Tennessee.  And if Locker goes down again, the Titans can feel comfortable with the ball in Fitzpatrick’s hands.  Hasselbeck also might have a few years left as a serviceable back-up somewhere.  Hopefully someone picks him up.

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