In the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers are fighting for their life to make the playoffs.  They basically need to win 80% of their games down the stretch if they hope to grab the #7 or #8 playoff seed.  Fortunately, their leader, Kobe Bryant is playing out of his mind right now.  On Friday night he brought the Lakers back from a 15-point deficit, hitting three remarkable three-pointers to send the game to overtime and win it in overtime.  And yesterday, the Lakers toppled a pesky Chicago Bulls team behind a 21 rebound day from a resurgent Dwight Howard.  With the Jazz and the Rockets both slipping right now, the Lakers are in prime position to nab a playoff spot.  LA Lakers 90, Chicago 81.  LA Lakers 118, Toronto 116.


In the NFL, Anquan Boldin was absolutely instrumental in the Ravens Super Bowl run last year — especially in the post-season.  Boldin is 32 and said he will likely retire if he is released by the Ravens.  Now, the Ravens have asked Boldin to take a pay cut, but Bolding said absolutely not.  He said he signed a contract to play for a certain amount and that’s the amount he expects to play for.  Additionally, their quarterback Joe Flacco has backed Boldin’s claim, saying that without Boldin, the Ravens wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl.  If the Ravens cut him, Boldin has said he would consider his options.  However, it’s unsure what team would take on a 32-year old receiver who isn’t his fastest and playing more like a tight end now.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Finally, in golf, Tiger Woods was back to true form.  This weekend was the WGC Cadillac Tournament, considered a major golf championship.  Woods hasn’t been on his A-game the past year, but he impressively grabbed the win at Doral Country Club and repositioned himself as a champion.  With the win, Tiger secured his 17th World Golf Championship Title.  This is his 76th win on the PGA tour, leaving him just six wins behind the record of 82 held by Sam Snead.  Also, Tiger Woods is now ranked #2 in the world, and said he believes he should actually be #1.  Soon enough, Tiger.  Soon enough.

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