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In the NBA, with the lockout over, the free agency moves and rumors are in full swing.  First up, it looks like the New Jersey Nets are trying to court Orlando’s Dwight Howard.  Remember, the Nets will be moving to Brooklyn soon and need some type of superstar presence to market against the Knicks.  Howard, combined with Deron Williams, if he stays there, could be that guy.  As of right now, the details are uncertain, but the rumors out there are that they include Nets center Brooke Lopez and two future first round picks.  This would definitely get in the way of the previous rumors that Howard would join Kobe on the Lakers.  Anyway, this is just talk right now, but you have to imagine that with all the down time, all the owners really did was think up trade scenarios.
Additionally, Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge, a man who is no stranger to swinging big deals (bringing in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to form the original big 3 that prompted the owners complaints about big markets stealing all the star players), looks like he’s up to something again.  Apparently, Ainge is putting a deal out there that would send their star point-guard Rajon Rondo to New Orleans in exchange for super-duper star Chris Paul.  The Hornets franchise is bleeding money right now, and need to find a way to win in a less expensive manner.  Shipping Paul out of town in exchange for some good parts might be a good move.  Then again, letting go of a once in a generation point guard isn’t always a good exchange no matter whom you get in return.  The reason for this is that the Big 3 are getting old and the Celtics need someone new to build around.  We’ll see how this pans out.


Finally, in the NFL, after a horrible 3-8 start to the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars are making some major changes.  First, they fired long-time head coach Jack Del Rio.  Then, they announced that the team was up for sale.  Many thought that they would be the franchise to wind up in Los Angeles, but reportedly, the sale of the team is going to a guy who wants to keep the team in Jacksonville.  Apparently, Jacksonville has a “passion” for football, the current owner said of the big small market city.  The team has a chance to thrive, it’s just been heading in the wrong direction for a while now.  Del Rio stuck with David Gerrard for way too many seasons when many agreed he wasn’t worth much.  Then, five days prior to the season, Gerrard was released by Del Rio, leaving the team searching for a quarterback.  They ultimately went with rookie Blaine Gabbert, but he gets scared under pressure AND hasn’t shown much development in 9 games starting.  He may be a bust.  Either way, this team is heading in a new direction.

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