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In the NFL, it was Monday Night Football between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers.  Just 2 seasons ago, this was a heated rivalry between 2 great teams.  But now… the Packers are a dominating force, and the Vikings are in rebuilding mode.  Fortunately for the Vikes, they’ve gotten some success from their rookie quarterback Christian Ponder.  But — playing a polished machine like the Packers defense, a team that came into the game at 8-0 with no intention of losing… is a different story.  Aaron Rodgers was brilliant yet again, throwing for 250 yards and 4 touchdowns.  And if you haven’t yet watched the Packers this season, you should, just to see how effortlessly Aaron Rodgers plays the position.  He never looks in trouble, casually throws 30 yard bullets to receivers, and knows what to do in every situation.  This year’s Packers are truly a work of art, and could definitely repeat.  Green Bay 45, Minnesota 7.


This year in college football, the Big 10 conference will have its first conference championship game.  The trophy that’s awarded to the winner of said championship includes the names of all the head coaches in the conference.  Of course, the major head coaching name in the Big 10 is Joe Paterno.  But, in light of the recent sexual abuse scandal, the Big 10 has decided to remove Paterno’s name from the trophy.  They said they want the trophy to be celebratory, not controversial in any way.  And there is no name more associated with controversy right now than Paterno.  Probably a good move on their part.


The Los Angeles Dodgers may be having some turmoil with their ownership situation, but they also know they have a rising superstar in Matt Kemp.  That’s why they are very close to signing an 8-year $160MM deal with Kemp.  The Dodgers know that they need a marketable star, and they’re banking that Kemp is that star.  Additionally, the Dodgers are looking to bring in star free agents as well.  That could include Brewers slugger Prince Fielder to possibly bat in front or behind of Kemp.  The Dodgers have been lackluster for pretty much the last two decades, and they’re looking to become a regular contender.  Matt Kemp also said that he felt loyal to the Dodgers, as they’re the team that allowed him to grow and gave him the chance to follow his dreams.

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