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The Cubs are looking to turn the corner after bringing in former Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein.  Epstein is now team president, and his first order of business… fire the manager.  Yep, Mike Quade is out as Cubs manager after they once again failed to make the playoffs.  So, where the story gets interesting, is many thought that former Cubs all-star Ryne Sandberg was in line for the position.  He’s a local hero in Chicago, giving the Cubs some of their glory moments (relative glory moments that is).  So naturally, putting Sandberg in charge would theoretically give the fans a morale boost.  But Epstein… he’s all business.  He said he didn’t care if Sandberg ever wore a Cubs uniform or had any success as a player.  Sandberg may have managed in the Cubs minor league organization and had some success with a Phillies Triple A team, but managing in the big leagues is a different story.  Epstein is there to win, and he’s going to get the Cubs an appropriate manager.

In some more baseball news, after months and months of court battles, Frank McCourt has finally agreed to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Here was a great franchise that McCourt just ran into the ground. He didn’t care about spending money to bring in talent, and he definitely didn’t care about trying to meticulously organize a good team. Basically, to McCourt, the Dodgers were just bragging rights and a great way to make a ton of money.  That era is over, and now, hopefully, the Dodgers can get back on track.  Their first order of business is convincing fans that Dodger Stadium is a safe place to be after the horrible incident where the San Francisco Giants fan was attacked by Dodgers fans.  They need a new, clean, image and good team to go with it.




And in the NFL,  the Detroit Lions absolutely obliterated Tim Tebow and the Broncos this past Sunday.  But there was controversy that the Lions were mocking Tebow during touchdown celebrations.  It’s a process known as “Tebowing” taken from when Broncos teammates celebrate and Tim Tebow stays to himself having a moment of quiet reflection.  After the Lions would score or get a sack they would make this gesture.  Tebow said he wasn’t bothered by the Lions mocking, but rather that he allowed a sack.  Say what you will about Tebow, but he’s a got great character!

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