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In college football, the main story still surrounds Penn State University.  In a follow-up to yesterday’s news about former Penn State defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse charges, it looks like there will be some more severe actions taken.  After all, there were first-hand reports that Sandusky had abused boys, but nobody did anything about it.  The 28-year old grad student witness who said he saw Sandusky and a young boy failed to immediately break it up and call the police right away. I still can’t get over how he didn’t scream and break it up or immediately call the police.   He mentioned it to Paterno, but no immediate action was taken. Penn State is now doing something about it.

First, they effectively removed Dr. Spanier as president of Penn State University.  Then, in an action that contradicts a statement yesterday saying that Paterno would leave the organization at the end of the season — the Board of Trustees has now fired Paterno effective immediately.  He’s gone.   He should have mentioned something as soon as he heard about it, but didn’t.  Now he is gone, and his legacy is certainly in shambles.  But that doesn’t really mean much compared to the innocent victims.  Their lives are scarred forever.


In some more disturbing news out of baseball, it was recently reported that Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has been kidnapped in his home nation of Venezuela.  Ramos was reportedly taken by gunmen and is still in their custody.  Ramos just completed a successful rookie season, and is supposed to be a key building block for the Nationals going forward.  There are no updates at this time, so we can only hope that Ramos is ok.  His teammates have been tweeting that their thoughts and prayers are with him.  It’s a scary situation.

Finally, in some more news out of baseball, it looks like the Jorge Posada Yankee-era… is over.  Posada was part of the Yankees superstar glory seasons.  He’s a 5-time all-star and a 4-time World Series champion with the Yankees.  Posada was a sturdy catcher and a fan favorite.  But, this past season, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Posada.  They wanted to take him out of the starting line-up, and he publicly complained about it.  Then he become rather ornery on the field towards other teams and even Yankees brass.  Now, at 40, it looks like they’re forcing him to move on.  His best days are most likely behind him, but there will be some team out there that could use a solid relief catcher and clutch hitter like Posada. He’s not done for good.

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