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In college football, it was a weekend of upsets that has completely scrambled the BCS picture.  First, on Friday, #2 Oklahoma State and their explosive offense headed to what should have been an easy win at Iowa State.  Nobody has come close to stopping the OK State Cowboys, and there was no way the lowly Cyclones were going to make a dent, right?  Right???  Um, not exactly.  Iowa State played hard the entire game, and thanks to a few OK State mistakes, Iowa State found themselves in the position of overtime.  OK State couldn’t score, and then… MISSED THE FIELD GOAL!!  All Iowa State needed to do was boot one through.  But, they didn’t even take that risk.  Instead, they burrowed their head, and made it to the endzone, upsetting the #2 team in the nation.  Iowa State 37, OK State 31.

This was great news for Oregon, who now found themselves in a position to possibly play for the National Championship.  They would have the howling support of their home crowd at Autzen Stadium (one of the toughest places in the nation to win as a road team) as they took on USC.  USC has been no slouch this year, but there’s no way they could beat Oregon in Oregon.  Right?  Right???  Um, not exactly — Oregon’s defense just couldn’t stop the Trojans in the first half, and the Trojans went to the locker room with a hefty lead.  The Ducks posed a serious comeback in the second half, but it wasn’t enough, and USC pulls off the upset to spoil Oregon’s chance of returning to the National Championship.  USC 38, Oregon 35.

Oklahoma thought they could make a late run at the title being a one-loss team, but they are most likely without their Heisman candidate wide receiver Ryan Broyles for the rest of the year.  Could they go on to Baylor and smash them with all the motivation of getting to the BCS Championship?  No.  They didn’t even come close, because Baylor has a Heisman candidate of their own in Robert Griffin III (or as Baylor fans call him… RG3).  Griffin threw for 479 yards and 4 touchdowns in an amazing destruction of the previous #1 team in the nation.  That ends their title hopes as well.  Now, atop the charts are an undefeated LSU team at #1, Alabama at #2, and a Arkansas at #3 — all teams in the same exact division.  And coming up next Saturday — Arkansas v. LSU, and Arkansas knows how to play them.  We could seriously have a big mess on our hands.  Baylor 45, Oklahoma 38.

Finally, in the NFL, both the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions are gearing up for their ultimate Thanksgiving Day showdown.  The Packers took on the Buccaneers, and beat them handily to move to a perfect 10-0, while the Lions QB Matt Stafford had to comeback from a huge deficit to beat the Panthers.  Stafford finished the day with a whopping 5 touchdowns.  So, on Thanksgiving, for the first time in a long time, we have a much anticipated game.  The Lions are finally good this year, and have a chance to spoil the Packers perfect 10-0 season IN DETROIT.  If they win, you know Detroit fans are going to go crazy!  Green Bay 35, Tampa Bay 26.  Detroit 49, Carolina 35.

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