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In the NFL, it was Monday Night Football between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots.  The Pats have been struggling to find their way lately, but the Chiefs certainly have it worse being plagued by injuries including their starting quarterback Matt Cassel.  That’s why the Chiefs had Tyler Palko under center last night — a distinct advantage for an otherwise somewhat hapless Patriots defense.  The game actually started out in favor of the Chiefs.  They got the first points on the board with a field goal.  But, from there, it was all Pats — specifically the now illustrious Tom Brady to tight-end Rob Gronkowski.  The two connected for 2 touchdowns, and Gronkowski finished with a total of 96 yards receiving.  This guy is an absolute powerhouse.  With the blowout victory, the Pats now have a 2 game lead in a competitive AFC East division.  Looks like they will probably make the playoffs again.  New England 34, Kansas City 3.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Miami Dolphins are actually starting to play pretty well.  On Sunday they crushed the Buffalo Bills 35-8.  This is a team that just a few weeks ago couldn’t put up any points, and now they have become a threat.  This is largely due to the fact the Dolphins lost their starter Chad Henne and replaced him with Matt Moore, a guy who really hasn’t gotten a chance to prove himself. He’s using this starting opportunity as that chance, and intends to use the rest of the season to prove that he should be the Dolphins starter next season and going forward.  After all, now that the Dolphins are winning a few games, they are most likely taking themselves out of the running for Stanford’s Andrew Luck.  It may behoove them to nurture Moore and make sure he gets even better.

In college football, the University of Arizona has had a pretty unimpressive football program the last decade.  Last year, they made a bit of a surge, but still got destroyed in a couple of key games.  ‘Zona is a major athletics program, and their basketball program is typically one of the best in the nation.  However, they would like to have a successful football program as well.  So, they have decided to completely change their scheme, and bring in one of the experts of the spread offense — former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.  Rodriguez was the guy who turned West Virginia into a scoring machine.  And even if those teams don’t win every game, they are still very entertaining to watch — meaning entertaining for boosters.  Nobody wants to go to a game and watch Arizona lose 44 – 7 at the hands  of Oregon or USC.  Rodriguez can make Arizona a high-flying team that could actually seriously compete in the Pac 12.  This is a good move by the Wildcats.

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