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In the Big East tournament, one of the deepest tournaments we’ve seen in years with all the talent they have in that conference, a very controversial game between St. Johns and Rutgers.  St. Johns got out to a big lead early, but Rutgers slowly crawled their way back in where they only trailed by 2 with 5 seconds to go.  On a full court in-bound baseball pass, a Rutgers player was knocked down by two St. Johns players, but… no foul called.  Then, a St. Johns player dribbled the ball, stepped out of bounds, and, in celebratory fashion, threw the ball into the stands.  Except, there were still 2 seconds left on the clock when he stepped out… and no call from the refs.  They just handed the win to St. Johns.  Now, the head of officiating called both “No Calls and No Reviews” unacceptable.  Just a terrible job officiating.  They will investigate the matter further. St. Johns 65, Rutgers 63.

In the NBA, history was on the line.  Kevin Love is currently tied with the most double-doubles streak in history (in his case — rebounds and points).  Could he break the record against the Indiana Pacers?  Before he was even going to try, the Minnesota coaching staff had to decide if he would even play.  He was wearing a brace and has a bulky and bruised left knee.  In most cases, you would sit just to be safe.  But with a record this great on the line, and the fact that the Wolves are WAAAAAAAYYYYY out of playoff contention, they decided to let him give it a shot. Once he hit the floor, he got right to work, breaking the record in no time. 21 rebounds, 16 points, and a record of 52 straight double-doubles was set.  Love added after the game, “What’s important is that we won the game”.  And boy did they.  Minnesota 101, Indiana 75.


In the NFL, a major breakthrough in the NFL Lockout situation.  One of the biggest media stories this past year (and a major controversy) was the proposed 18-game NFL season.  The owners of course wanted two more weeks because the ratings and ticket sales for the NFL are through the roof.  The league is making a killing, so why wouldn’t they want two more games?  The players have been complaining that this isn’t possible because of the beating they take on a weekly basis.  At the end of the year, most teams are playing with many reserves.  Two more weeks would mean more injuries, more concussions, shorter careers, and an unbalanced playoffs with banged up teams battling each other with back-ups.  Yesterday, the head of the NFLPA said that an 18-game season is unsafe for the players so they’re not going to do it.  And that’s the end of that nagging issue.

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