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In the NBA, the Chicago Bulls are on fire right now.  They continue to beat the best teams in the league and crush the inferior teams.  Last night, they headed to Atlanta. Derrick Rose is playing MVP level ball right now and is considered the leader in that race.  So, it was no surprise that Chicago pulled out to a commanding lead in the first half.  Rose finished the night with 12 points, 12 assists, and an amazing triple-pump dunk that you absolutely must see in the highlights.  But, defending their home court, the Hawks came soaring back and even took a 1 point lead with 23 seconds to go.  Then, Joe Johnson stole the ball and got it to a 3 point lead.  The Bulls had one last chance, but an air ball from the Bulls’ 3-point marksman Kyle Korver sealed the deal.  It’s playoff level atmosphere in Atlanta right now.  Watch out!  Atlanta 83, Chicago 80.

And in some final NBA moves, now that the Washington Wizards have released Mike Bibby (per his request), Bibby has signed on to play point-guard with the Miami Heat.  The Heat’s Big 3 have been starved for a point-guard (currently Mario Chalmers is filling that role), and having a veteran like Mike Bibby to appropriately dish the ball and score some points every now and then.  This will definitely help the Heat.  And the Knicks have released Corey Brewer, one of the 3 stars of the Florida Gators team that won two straight National titles (along with the Bulls Joakim Noah and Al Horford).  Now it looks like Brewer will join the red-hot Mavericks.  Having Brewer would give them a good bench option at small forward to give the starters a breather.  And, who knows, maybe Brewer could turn into the player that everyone thought he could be.

In college basketball, some very interesting news.  BYU has had a fantastic season, much better than many years prior.  They have played on the national stage many times, and have a cohesive unit.  Now, one of their core players Brandon Davies has been dismissed from the league for having sex with his girlfriend.  BYU is a mormon institution and has a reputation for being very strict.  The players even sign a code of conduct, and in that code it says that they will live “a chaste and virtuous life”.  Clearly, they take that seriously and were willing to break up the chemistry because a player admitted to having sex.  Some may find this story fair, and others may find it very unfair.  Weigh in now.

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