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In the NBA, it was a rematch between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.  A few weeks ago, the Heat came into San Antonio and got absolutely crushed.  It was one horrible loss in a string of disappointing losses.  But, recently, the Miami Heat have been in ‘revenge’ mode.  They are tired of people talking foul about them and are seriously ready to start destroying folks.  So, hosting the NBA’s best San Antonio Spurs was yet another challenge.  They beat the Lakers, and last night, they didn’t beat the Spurs… they murdered them.  Chris Bosh led the way with 30 points, as the Heat were simply out-hustling the Spurs and making them show their age.  This current Heat team is fierce!!!  Watch out.  They might actually be the team they claimed to be at the beginning of the season.  Miami 110, San Antonio 80.

Elsewhere in the NBA, many think that the Celtics will get back to the NBA Finals this year, which could mark the end of the Big 3 era.  However, last night, the new-look New Jersey Nets brought it to ’em!  Brook Lopez had a fantastic game with 20 points, while the Celtics struggled to keep up.  Plus, New Jersey recorded yet another sell-out for the season.  This is very exciting for a team that last year could never win a game.  Now they have an all-star point guard in Deron Williams and have now won five straight.  If they play their cards right this off-season, they could land another big free agent and become a contender in the East.  New Jersey 88, Boston 79.

Finally, some interesting legal news out of the NBA.  It looks like 22-year old veteran referee Bill Spooner is suing a Minnesota beat writer over a twitter tweet.  The Minnesota writer tweeted that he overheard Spooner telling T-Wolves coach Kurt Rambis something controversial.  Rambis complained about a call, and the beat writer wrote that he overheard Spooner say he would make a call to get the 2 points back later.  Well, Sponer didn’t like this because that’s a very sensitive topic in the NBA (i.e. corrupt officiating), and putting something like out there is detrimental.  Spooner said he responded to Rambis’ complaint (that Spooner cost him 2 points) by saying something to the effect of ‘you’ll get those 2 points back later’.  This doesn’t mean that he would make a bad call, but rather that he was dismissing Rambis’ frustration.  Spooner is suing the writer for $75,000.

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