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In the NBA, coming off a win against LeBron and the Heat, the New York Knicks were looking to firmly establish themselves as contenders in the East.  Their next opponent:  The #3 seed Orlando Magic.  Could Carmelo and Amare produce some magic of their own and beat Orlando?  The first half belonged to the Knicks.  They looked like they would run away with the game.  The Knicks even entered the fourth quarter with a healthy lead.  Billups and Stoudemire had incredible evenings with 30 points a piece (and Carmelo contributed 25).  But, late in the 4th, the Magic came surging back behind some clutch 3-pointers from Jameer Nelson.  They would overcome a 9-point deficit to win the game.   Orlando 116, NY Knicks 110.

Speaking of 30 point nights, who would have thought that we would see a 30-point effort in college, and not even from the star player on the team.  Yep, #1 Ohio State headed to Penn State last night to try and maintain their fire.  They want to go into the tourney ranked #1 overall.  Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger is typically the star, but last night all the attention went to 3-point marksman Jon Diebler.  He simply couldn’t miss from behind the arc, and even created his own shot away from his defender on many occasions.  Many buckeye fans even call Diebler… “3bler”.  With his lights out shooting, the Buckeyes routed Penn State and continue to roll.  At this point, they would be the favorite come March Madness.  Ohio State 82, Penn State 61.


In the NFL, some serious drama out of Cincinnati.  It looks like their long-time starting quarterback, Carson Palmer, has refused to wear the Bengals uniform ever again.  Palmer released a statement yesterday threatening to retire if the Bengals don’t trade him.  Palmer said he doesn’t want to play football for money any more, adding “I have $80 Million on the bank”.  He only wants to play for the love of the game and said, “That’s not in Cincinnati”.  This should almost guarantee his departure from Cincy, and there’s no question that Palmer would be a valuable addition to a team just looking for that missing link at quarterback.  The Bills, Raiders, and Vikings instantly come to mind, as Palmer is fully capable of running an offense at this point in his career.  This will get interesting

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